The Roving Maguires

Sásta Lifestyle

What does the word 'Sásta' mean I hear you ask, well in the Irish Language it translates to happy, content, pleased. Well that is our family, on a mission to create a happy lifestyle. One with freedom to travel, be where we want to be and have that precious time with our children before they grow up too quick. In 2021 we packed up our home and lives and hit the road to travel Australia in our caravan.

How to achieve a 'Sásta Lifestyle'?

For us creating a lifestyle on our terms meant stepping away from the norm and our comfort zones in order to breakaway from the 9-5. This is where affiliate marketing comes in. Being able to earn an income online as an affiliate marketer gives us location freedom and time freedom therefore creating our 'Sásta Lifestlye'. We are creating a life we love, not one that we are only surviving in, a life that we can't stand!

No more missing out on time with our kids, feeling burnt out, living for the weekend and school holidays. Are you craving a life of abundance, a life you don't need a holiday from with the ability to do more of what you want?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a way to earn money by promoting products and services from other companies that you recommend through your social media presence or website. By entering into an Affiliate program with a company they provide you with a unique link which is used to identify any sales that can be attributed back to you. You then earn a commission. This is a great way to earn a passive income enabling you to create financial and location freedom!

Click below to find out what course we used to help build our website and our Time Freedom Framework in order to create an online income stream. 'Unboss' yourself!