Here you will find products that we believe make that roadtrip a little bit easier or more fun. Many products are from small businesses that we are happy to support and in all transparency we will get paid a commission if products are bought through these links.

We have this Map Of Australia Sticker on our fridge inside the van. It is so much fun to mark off new places and see everyday the places we have seen and how much of the country we have discovered.

Adventure Awaits

We love looking back on our travels thorugh our childrens eyes and glad we bought this Travel Journal for them to record their memories. Whether you enjoy occasional overnight stays, weekends away, international adventures, months of adventures on the road or even sleepovers – this Travel Journal will hold all your memories and take pride of place on your bookshelf. Designed for ALL types of travelling adventures and proudly developed and printed in regional Victoria.

Travel Journal for Kids

Map of Australia Sticker

Adventure Awaits is an eclectic & unique store where you will find something for everyone! Their shop is filled with only the BEST, a curation of products & brands that have ALL been tried, tested and LOVED by their team. Including a wonderful range of Australian Made gifts and practical products. Filled with gorgeous gifts and practical goodies for all ages, they also have an impressive collection of Caravanning & Travel accessories that are useful, affordable and MUST have items for your next adventure.


We use the EcoTraveller Protreat pods in our chemical toilet in the van. They are easy to use, just drop the sachet in to your toilet and this will help tackle those yukky odours and breakdown the not so lovely waste!

Protreats Pods System are safe for all environments the ideal combination of probiotics and environmentally friendly ingredients. Suitable for your caravan, boat, RV and motorhome toilets.


Dunny Buddy - Toilet Roll Holder

The Dunny Buddy is the camping item that you never knew you needed! Australian designed and Aussie made, this ingenious invention protects your dunny roll when you are out and about exploring! Camping, Caravanning, Fishing, Hiking...this one's for you!

Check out our review on this product here:

The Standard Squeeze | Original Bottle

The Standard Squeeze is ingenious! Taking the guess work out of pouring your drinks, this little bottle is a game changer, especially for those drinkers that want to keep track of how many standard drinks they are consuming. Also available in Mini, 1lt XL and Big Shot. Click to find out more about the range. Also amazing for travelling as you can decant your spirit into this light weight bottle, saving weight and risk of breakage!!

Pegless Clotheslines

No Pegs? No Worries! The Slide n' Dry Pegless Clothesline really is a MUST have item for your next holiday adventure. Perfect for caravanning, camping, hiking, cruises, hotels and backpacking.

Made from recyclable UV protected plastic, the Slide n' Dry Pegless Clothesline will not go brittle or fade and is capable of holding wet towels, jeans and all the heavy stuff. The 12 slides simply click together so you can make your line as long or as short as you require. Now hanging your washing is fast and easy. No more fiddling with pegs! Easy on, easy off. Simply slide your washing into the slots to dry.