Our Story. Our Why. Our Vision

Hello, we are Jen and Kev, an Irish couple who in their twenties backpacked the east coast of Australia for 3 months on our honeymoon. After seeing the lifestyle the Aussies had we looked for every avenue we could to get a visa to have a piece of that lifestyle for ourselves. Within a year we had left our family and friends behind in Ireland and set off to create a new life in Australia.

The travel bug never truely left us and a dream of packing up and hitting the road to see the rest of Australia was always there in the back of our minds. However with schooling, mortgages, jobs and all the other commitments that come with everyday life it seemed we would have to wait until retirement to do it. In 2020 we moved to regional Qld seeking to get out of the rat race, work commutes and busy city suburbs.

We loved the slower pace of life in our new town however Kev's new job meant that he was working away Monday to Friday. I worked part time in Health Admin so juggled work, family life and running the home while he was gone. Friday would come and we would be excited to be together again but even on the weekend there was still 'stuff' to be done and before we knew it the Monday was here and off Kev would go. This wasn't what we moved away for. Something had to give.

A year later on our way back home from a road trip to Airlie Beach in our caravan, it just took one remark from Kev - 'Why don't we do the lap' and that was it, we set the fear aside and put the wheels in motion to pack up our lives and hit the road for 12 months. It wasn't long into the trip that I knew I didn't want to go back to that same lifestyle of single parenting five days a week and Kev missing time with the kids. So we decided not to go home as we wish to keep this new found lifestyle and freedom alive. We are now travelling for the forseable future.

I didn't want to be told when I have to work, where I have to work or how to do my work by anyone ever again.

This is where affiliate marketing comes in. I had heard about affiliate marketing but sat on the fence for a long time as I didn't know where to start, what products to promote or how to even build a website. The training I found walks through all the essentials for complete newbies.

Becoming digital nomads with earning potential to replace our old income and create the life we desire on our terms is our vision of freedom and a 'Sásta Lifestyle'

Are you ready to create a Sásta Lifestyle? Ready to try the affiliate marketing and mindset training from Freedom Affiliate Launch?